Reasons Why You Should Use An Epoxy Floor Primer

Reasons Why You Should Use An Epoxy Floor Primer 

Most people misunderstand epoxy primers as been an extraneous added cost. Whereas, they provide a variety of important solutions to several widespread problems associated with concrete surfaces. If superior adhesion and endurance is what is needed, then the use of an epoxy floor primer is essential. Primers may be carefully chosen for their ease of handling, lower or higher viscosity, installation temperature range, ability to cure well in a given environment or temperature, pot life, and a host of other reasons.

Priming epoxy floors will considerably reduce the chances of bubbles emerging in the coat. This is especially common in thicker coats like self-leveling where air trapped in the concrete slab can generate gas bubbles and pinholes in the coating. By properly priming and sealing the substrate you are reducing the risk of gas being released. Priming helps you get a feel for the floor. When you work with old polluted substrates the floor may have absorbed all sorts of chemicals like oils, paints, greases, moisture etc. By applying a coat of primer you can see how the existing substrate will respond to the epoxy. This way you can take protective measures before it is too late to act.

Priming will ease the chance of the coat being absorbed by the substrate. Sometimes substrates can be very dusty and absorbent. If you try to apply a coat on them you may end up getting an ugly dull look as all the fluids have been absorbed by the substrate. Use primers to seal off the surface before you apply the paint coats. An extra coat of primer may actually save you on consumption of epoxy paint.

Compatibility of a given epoxy primer with a chosen flooring system may differ according to resin types and other factors. High performance fluid-applied flooring is intended for use by professionals. Therefore, applying a manufacturer-approved epoxy primer is the best way to deliver a quality job as anticipated. When in doubt, contact GZ Industrial Supplies for assistance in selecting quality epoxy primer for your project.

Finally no matter how well you clean the floor there will always be some micro dust stuck on the surface. Priming is a great way to eliminate this dust and to create a pleasant well sealed surface. Primers are designed to penetrate deeper into the pores of the substrate in order to achieve a better mechanical bond. Their adhesion is often greater than the top coat due to the inclusion of adhesion agents. You can also get in touch with Epoxy Oilserv Limited, a reputable company that organize monthly Epoxy Floor training in Nigeria. 

22nd Jun 2018 Anthony Ubong Fidelis

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